The Biggest Gift to Self

As I watched the snow continue to fall outside my home, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace wash over me. This is quite different from what I’ve experienced recently. Over the past few days, I was struggling with anxiety and apathy. I don’t know a single person that wakes up thinking, “Wow! This is... Continue Reading →


Experiences > Things

My family is very female dominated. I’m one of 3 girls, have a daughter, and twin nieces. Clearly, my dad has remained king of the family, and we’re pretty sure he prefers it this way. My dad taught us a very important lesson early on in life throughout our time working alongside him at our... Continue Reading →

Be Intentional with Your Time

I came across someone I hadn’t seen in years. At the end of our small talk, he asked if I had a Facebook, and I realized it’s been almost a year since I did away with social media. Why? I was sucked in to keeping up with appearances and was letting one too many people's... Continue Reading →

Mommy Confessions 9 – Mom Guilt

My 4 year old has been ridiculously off lately. During one of our conversations this week, she called me “mean”, and I realized that she was simply matching my tone and actions. When we were both calm and no longer defensive, I asked her, “Mami is being mean? How can Mami do better?” She answered... Continue Reading →

Adventure #2

If you haven't read through Adventure #1, go back and check it. On top of my goal to travel locally, my hope is to visit at least 6 different states this year. With that said, all of these pictures were taken from my first trip to Baltimore, MD. Enjoy! George Peabody Library Baltimore Washington Monument... Continue Reading →

The One That Got Away

We knew one another since we were kids, but didn't spend extensive amounts of quality time together until I was in college. I was a 19 year old self-destructive college student with terrible anxiety and low self-esteem, and he was a 25 year old well traveled man with more experiences than I could have ever... Continue Reading →

Adventure #1

I've always figured to travel that I would need loads of money. Granted, there are some places, I’ll have to save up for, but one of my goals for 2018 is to find places locally to feed my love for adventure. At some point, I have to lose the fear of going out alone and... Continue Reading →

Educator Mantra

This has been an extraordinarily rough year, and we are only 3 months in. I have an incredible amount of students to work with and the needs vary so greatly. I figured I would publish this piece, which is my reminder for those not so good days. Enjoy! I am the adult. They are the... Continue Reading →

Full On My Own

I allowed myself to be convinced, “I am nothing. I am useless. I am worthless.” Numbness and emptiness were my normal. I was, however, continually surrounded by people. Surrounded, but completely and utterly alone. I lost myself... shoot, I barely gave myself enough time to find myself before I brought another human into this world.... Continue Reading →

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