Finding Your Light

I wish I could put to words the peace I've felt returning to my parents' home. It has allowed me to take time to recharge and prepare for a new chapter of my life. One where it truly is just my daughter and me. In the past 2 weeks, I've learned so much. For the... Continue Reading →


Deep Roots

I grew up in a very tight knit family. As of 2016, my daughter and I are 2 out of 124 on my dad's side. We are part of the Rivera-Santiago bloodline. Thanks to The Peculiar Sister for putting together this gorgeous piece for our family.  Why is this significant? Over the past year, life... Continue Reading →

Call It What It Is

There are areas of my life that I wish I could keep hidden forever. A little impossible to do when you have friends and family that have no problem being blunt and calling your mess for what it is. My mess? The need for consistent companionship. The thought of living alone terrifies me. This will... Continue Reading →

A Little Extra Love

My baby girl never ceases to amaze me. She is filled with so much love for those around her. She notices people in need of a little extra love. The caretakers at her school are continually amazed at the amount of patience and love she has to give. I get notes all the time about... Continue Reading →

Choices and Changes

I write this post with my daughter cuddled up on my ribs barely awake after a long day at preschool. Is it strange that she's now 3, and she still smells like a baby at times? I then look at her and realize how quickly time has passed and how much time I've spent depressed... Continue Reading →

Where’s your Treasure?

If you have never read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, I highly recommend it. It will surely awaken the dreamer within you. I am a very realistic and grounded person that leaves little time or room for dreaming and imagination, because it only has led me to feel uneasy. Lately, I am completely unable to... Continue Reading →

Angel Baby

I was christened "Angel Baby" my senior year by my Criminal Justice teacher. He could be cynical, misogynistic, and just outright blunt sometimes, but he was one of my greatest teachers. As a high school student, I was very bold about my world views and refused to be swayed by the majority vote. How did... Continue Reading →

Gift Hoarder

My pastors are some of the most down to earth people I have ever met. This weekend the head pastor challenged our congregation with the following question: Are you a gift hoarder? What does this mean? He was referring to the many talents that each of us have. For example, I recognize that I am... Continue Reading →

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