Coming Home

I was raised in church. I can quote scripture for days and teach the Gospel with no problem. I’ve taught kindergartners as much as I’ve taught adults and everywhere in between.

I never really questioned my faith until I got to college. I studied various religions and found that there was no place like Home. I went through a spell of rebellion and anger towards God for decisions I made out of my own free will. I came Home when my daughter was 11 months and have such amazing, loving pastors.

Unfortunately, family pressures and even self-doubt set in last year. I shook my fists at God, because I had all these questions with no answers. I pray, read my Bible, and try to be a good person, but I still battle with depression and anxiety. I understand that depression is a chemical imbalance and some days it really just comes in uncontrollable waves, but lately it has just been out of control!

These are the moments that I am most thankful for friends that can offer sound doctrine and a word of encouragement. You aren’t telling me something I don’t already know, but it is life-changing when you don’t have to be the one always offering encouragement. I cherish them moments that I can speak free of (noticeable) judgement.

I know the road to recovery and overcoming the dark moments depression brings is extremely exhausting, but I am not alone in spirit. At the end of the day one thing I know I can count on is my faith. I will get past this. I will get through this.

Thankful to be Home,



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