Gift Hoarder


My pastors are some of the most down to earth people I have ever met. This weekend the head pastor challenged our congregation with the following question:

Are you a gift hoarder?

What does this mean? He was referring to the many talents that each of us have. For example, I recognize that I am extremely compassionate, have a passion for serving my community (and beyond), and love to sing and worship our Creator. I am guilty of keeping almost all of these gifts to myself.

Compassionate people tend to get hurt a lot more often that those who can be outright cold. I have seen many gruesome things and have had my heart broken plenty, but compassion always takes over. I have always had a genuine concern for the pain and sufferings of others, but have also experienced how people can mistake this kindness for weakness.

I have a passion for serving my community and am fortunate enough to work and live in the same community. Every morning I am so thankful for my job no matter how difficult some of the students can be. I get to teach them so many skills and prepare them for high school, so this is definitely a gift that I have no problem sharing with the world. In the process, I am able to share the Gospel with those I work with.

Singing and worship got put on hold as I struggled with feelings of unworthiness and lots of self-condemnation. Last night, I decided to start working on this area of my life. I was having the worst anxiety, but rather than curl up in a little ball, I decided to turn up the worship music and sing my heart out. I can’t explain what a liberating feeling it was to sing my heart out in my home, and the peace that overcame my home.

As I continue to work on this challenge, I’ll hope you guys reading this will join me.

  1. Identify your gifts/talents. There are so many talents in your control – hospitality, finances, performing, you get the point.
  2. What are you currently doing with your gifts/talents? How much are you using them?
  3. What steps will you take to further develop your gifts/talents? Who will hold you accountable?

Remember to use your gifts to edify others.

Until next time,



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