A Little Extra Love

My baby girl never ceases to amaze me. She is filled with so much love for those around her. She notices people in need of a little extra love. The caretakers at her school are continually amazed at the amount of patience and love she has to give. I get notes all the time about how she comforts classmates or boldly states her prayer requests for our family. Today was all about her comforting one of the new kids at daycare. I asked her why she was so awesome thinking she would just shrug her shoulders and giggle. She answered, “Mami, his heart looked sad, so I give hugs and now he’s better.” Needless to say, I am one proud momma.

My 3 year old was able to sum up what my predecessor said before leaving the school. She told me, “Children who are loved at home come to school to learn, but those that lack love at home come to school to be loved. Allow room for silence and they’ll slowly open up and allow their hearts to soften to you. Only then will they be ready to learn from you.”

This can be applied to more than just education. With all the madness going on in the world around us, we could all use a little extra love.

Until next time,


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