Coming Home

I was raised in church. I can quote scripture for days and teach the Gospel with no problem. I've taught kindergartners as much as I've taught adults and everywhere in between. I never really questioned my faith until I got to college. I studied various religions and found that there was no place like Home.... Continue Reading →


Show Yourself Compassion

I have found that the most compassionate people I know, myself included, tend to struggle with showing themselves compassion. We are so quick to offer of ourselves and show forgiveness, but are critical of ourselves. Wild, isn't it? I've been learning so much about the transference of energy and how unforgiving I can be of... Continue Reading →


I have always been passionate about traveling. I've been to/through just about every state on the East Coast and traveled overseas to Puerto Rico countless times, Haiti twice and Dominican Republic once. Traveling has been put on hold for longer than I had hoped for... We are talking almost 4 years now. I find myself... Continue Reading →


I've successfully binged watch A Series of Unfortunate Events, which provided inspiration for today's post as I looked up some of Daniel Handler's work. Every year I set physical fitness goals, but this year I added something else much more important - mental health goals. Admitting this is difficult for me, because of the stigma... Continue Reading →

The Joke is on Me

I lose all respect for people I can't trust. No offense, but once broken, it can never be restored. Think otherwise? Walk through this one wit her me. You give your trust freely with promises of true friendship and confidence in that your wildest dreams and darkest secrets will remain tucked away in that person's... Continue Reading →

Smiling with Sad Eyes

I've noticed a common theme in the students I work with. So many of them have such big personalities and great smiles, but you look in their eyes and nothing. Rarely do you see a glimmer of happiness. If I'm honest, I'm even guilty of this.Unfortunately/fortunately (depending who you ask), I've always had a knack... Continue Reading →

Blessed to Bless Others

Take a look around. All the blessings we have aren't strictly financial. We can bless others with our company, a kind word of encouragement, or baked goods (my go to). We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Hoarding our wealth and talents won't add a single day to our lives. There's a sense... Continue Reading →

It’s Safer This Way

I often catch myself thinking too much before exposing even the smallest bit of myself with anyone. Those you thought you could trust can quickly become everything you worked so hard to protect yourself from. This type of living makes for a pretty sheltered and lonely life. To the point where I often catch myself... Continue Reading →

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