29 Days

“Miss, do you know what today is?! It’s December 1st. Know what that means? 29 days until your 23... again.” I love my students. They can take the wildest of days and end it with such great humor. 29 days until the end of one of the craziest years of my life. I have never... Continue Reading →


Deserving to be Happy

I am surrounded by some pretty amazing coworkers. Before leaving for the holiday break one noticed how much I’ve been beating myself up over my caseload of kids. He simply stated, “Remember that you deserve to be happy. Make sure to rest up so you can be at your best, when you come back.” I... Continue Reading →


I have been called "intimidating" by more people than I can count. I can remember being called this as early as 9th grade. At 5 feet and barely 100lbs, I never really understood why. Eventually I figured out it was because I remained true to my values and radiated confidence. I could walk in any... Continue Reading →

Bad for the Soul

It is 2017, and instantly communicating with others has never been easier. The question is why do so many people suck at meaningful communication?! All it takes is a text message, Facebook post, or 140 character Twitter post to connect with hundreds of thousands of people. Many of which are just bad for the soul.... Continue Reading →

A Better Sense of Self

I am finally on my own, and it’s has been the most anxiety provoking yet liberating feeling. To know that for the first time in my adult life I have to answer to no one is something I never thought possible. No one hassling me with countless questions like where I’m going, what I’m doing,... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Light

I wish I could put to words the peace I've felt returning to my parents' home. It has allowed me to take time to recharge and prepare for a new chapter of my life. One where it truly is just my daughter and me. In the past 2 weeks, I've learned so much. For the... Continue Reading →

Deep Roots

I grew up in a very tight knit family. As of 2016, my daughter and I are 2 out of 124 on my dad's side. We are part of the Rivera-Santiago bloodline. Thanks to The Peculiar Sister for putting together this gorgeous piece for our family.  Why is this significant? Over the past year, life... Continue Reading →

Call It What It Is

There are areas of my life that I wish I could keep hidden forever. A little impossible to do when you have friends and family that have no problem being blunt and calling your mess for what it is. My mess? The need for consistent companionship. The thought of living alone terrifies me. This will... Continue Reading →

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